Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Studying In Italy

Academic Calendar

The bookish year in Italy is fabricated up of two semesters. The aboriginal division starts in September/October and ends in January/February. The additional division starts in February and ends in July. The absolute alpha and accomplishment dates will alter in the altered universities but anniversary division lasts about 20 weeks and is fabricated up of a teaching aeon abiding about 14 weeks and an assay aeon abiding about 6 weeks.

Teaching and learning

Most teaching still takes abode in ample address halls but this will depend actual abundant on the individual advance of study. Acceptance are aswell accepted to backpack out a ample bulk of cocky abstraction alfresco the classroom in adjustment to adapt for exams.


Exams are captivated afterwards the teaching aeon and are mainly articulate exams although some courses will accept accounting tests demography abode during the division or afore the articulate exam. Anniversary assay will accept a amount of dates offered during the assay aeon and acceptance can accept which date they ambition to yield the exam. They are aswell advantaged to about-face down a mark and yield the assay afresh if they are not annoyed with the result. Rules administer as to how generally a apprentice can yield an assay aural an assay period.

Grading systems

Examinations are graded according to a calibration alignment from 0 to 30, with 18 as a canyon mark.

A "cum laude" may be added to the accomplished brand (30; 30 e lode) as a acknowledgment of appropriate distinction.

All assay after-effects are acclimated to account the all-embracing amount mark on a calibration of 0 – 110. The final aftereffect is based on assay after-effects additional the presentation of a activity or argument in foreground of a Board of Examiners. The canyon mark is 66 and acceptance who access abounding marks of 110 may aswell be awarded ‘summa cum laude’ (110 e lode).

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